Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Updated: On the word "GALACTICS"....

Updated: fix some minor typos..

Recently, David Wilcock wrote:

First of all, I have never heard a genuine insider refer to any ET group as “Galactics.” That sounds more like the kind of thing channelers would say. The ET world is so complex, with so many different civilizations involved, that it is also not specific enough to mean anything significant.

There's a bit of condescension in this paragraph, over the use of the term "GALACTICS" by Ben Fulford.  Its been my observation that when people start objecting to newly minted words that fit the facts better, they are trying to police perceptions and old storylines.   I mean really "genuine insider" verses "channelers"?  Sounds like someone feels like their insider scoop territory is being invaded doesn't it?   Btw I checked out the coordinates Ben Fulford gave in Antarctica, one of them 66 South 99 East is very near the frozen city and the two American and Russian Federation bases.  I have no data on the other coordinate and cannot corroborate any ancient sites there.

David claims to be very intuitive and even logs his dreams as being "prophetic". So I don't quite know why he's dismissive of channelers.  His beloved scripture Ra's "LAW OF ONE" is channeled by humans on LSD!   Crikey!

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