Saturday, January 7, 2017

Session with Loie 1/5/17: Gender, past, present and future - Intentional Conception, limitless choices of appearance

This excerpted from a conversation with Loie on 1/5/17 in which she showed me what it felt like to be formless, since that discussion doesn't translate well into a blog post  (being largely felt and experienced) I thought I'd post this portion which concerns the history of gender.

When we enter the Complete Earth, or what some called "ascension" many limitations depart and indeed are departing now.  It will be possible for one to change one's gender to the one that is preferred.  Also a number of things will change with female reproduction become a much less burdensome than it is now.

It has seemed to me, all my life, that females were not supposed to have the trouble they do now in giving birth, not to mention the complications they have now in the monthly hormonal cycles which are somehow synched to the cycle of the moon.  This never seemed "NORMAL" to me... The bible makes a half-assed attempt to explain painful childbirth as the result of "original sin" (God's punishment on women if you will) but that's complete bullshit.  If it was, the punishment does not fit the crime!  But such is the religious meme promulgated among the Abrahamic faiths, which really justs serve to enslave women in a patriarchal belief system run by men.

One of the limitations on humans, has been the limitations as to appearance of form - if you got an ugly body or diseased body you felt different about yourself than if you got a beautiful one. And somehow those beautiful bodies seemed to go to beings who had a family history of selling out humanity.  And people make judgements about how you got that way, which had nothing to do with any choice of the essence who was born into that body.  Choice of look, health, longevity and the ability to change it all is coming.

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