Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Update

Autumn is coming in the Texas hill country, the days are not so hot and things look a bit greener than this summer.  We still get the hot humid days but they are giving way to winter.

I want to thank the core people who donate every month, I am very grateful to you all.  I am more dependent on donations than I have been when I started. I am hesitant to accuse Google of messing with the ad figures, I think its just the general decline in the whole economy affecting the bid rate for ads, and there's more web sites than ever out there.  It may be time for me to take a "regular" job and post less often.  What worked in a low cost country like Morocco is more problematic in property and food price inflationary USA.

There are posts I know generate more views but I cannot in good conscience publish what I know not to be true.  Fear sells,  at least survival supplies, but not as much as it used to.   None of us are victims here, we are are Source in body, although most of us are still awakening to that understanding.  We can and are creating a better Earth.

The need is about the same as last month, but I leave that in your hands and Source as to what comes.

I am thinking of perhaps changing this to a subscription format, perhaps on another venue, there is a core of readers that has been with me a while, and I try to respect your intelligence and heart resonance as to what I post.   Let me know your thoughts about nominal subscription format or a split between the two with the older posts coming to the general blog in a delayed manner for free viewing.

I don't have all the answers, the more I learn the more I realize how much I don't yet know or is it remember?   I am sure you have that same experience.  I do know that each of you are Source in body, with unique abilities and experiences that contribute to the ALL.

I love, honor and cherish you all.   This was always a work of love.  You are love inbody.

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